Philosophy and Botany

A memorial symposium for Ivar Segelberg was held in Gothenburg on September 12-13, 2008. Here is the link to the conference program. It includes a comprehensive background and a list of contributors.

This page is a brief pictorial report from the meeting. All pictures were taken by Martin Filin Karlsson. They are presented in approximate chronological order. If no affiliation is stated for the speakers, they are from the university of Gothenburg (or Göteborg, as we say in Göteborg).

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Day 1 – Friday, September 12

Helge Malmgren (Segelberg student from 1963 on) first presented a brief sketch of Ivar Segelberg's work in philosophy and botany


Dag Westerståhl (also an old Segelberg student) listening in the first row


Then, Herbert Hochberg from the University of Texas in Austin led us into the intricacies of Ivar Segelberg's theory of relations. Hochberg first met Segelberg around 1960.

Herbert Hochberg lecturing

Dick Haglund, Johan Lönnroth, Ingvar Johansson (yes, all studied for Segelberg!) and Herbert Hochberg in the pause before Ingvar's lecture...

Before Ingvar Johansson's lecture

...that also concerned the theory of relations.

Ingvar Johansson lecturing

Here, Anna-Sofia Maurin (Lund University) is lecturing about another aspect of Segelberg's ontology – collections vs complex objects. Listeners in the first row, from left to right: Johan Lönnroth, Dick Haglund, John Ericsson (Segelberg student in the 1960's), Helge Malmgren, Dag Westerståhl, Herbert Hochberg.

Anna-Sofia Maurin lecturing

Also Anna-Sofia lecturing

Maurin lecturing

Coffee pause. Some of the faces (from left to right): Ingvar Johansson, John Ericsson, Torgny Nordin, Jan Hultin (Segelberg student in the 1950's), Ove Lundgren (who also paid many visits to Segelberg's seminars), Anna-Sofia Maurin, Jan Almäng, Herbert Hochberg, Dick Haglund, Sandro Pignatti, Erika Pignatti Wikus, Christer Svennerlind.

Coffee pause

Attendants in the back rows during the pause: Gunnar Johansson, Torgny Nordin, Jan Almäng, Kent Gustavsson

The back rowsThe back row

Johan Lönnroth chatting with Italian botanists Sandro Pignatti and Erika Pignatti Wikus

The Pignattis with Johan Lönnroth

Christer Svennerlind gave the last presentation on Friday but alas, there is no picture from his lecture (which also concerned Segelberg's ontology)

Here is the organizing committee: Christer Svennerlind and Helge Malmgren

The organizers

Day 2 – Saturday, September 13

On Saturday morning, Helge Malmgren gave an overview of Ivar Segelberg's botanical work and reported from a botanical voyage to Sardinia in 1964. Then, professor Sandro Pignatti, University of Rome, lectured about principles of botanical taxonomy and told us about the great influence that Ivar Segelberg had on his work with the Flora d'Italia (1982).

Here, Erika Pignatti Wikus and Sandro Pignatti are discussing African botanical folk taxonomy with Christina Thornell. Dag Westerståhl to the left.


Peter Jagers (also a Segelberg student once upon a time), Helge Malmgren and Torgny Nordin, probably discussing something else

Peter, Torgny

After the pause, professor Erika Pignatti Wikus (University of Trieste) gave a very personal report about her and her husbands encounters with Ivar Segelberg during the 1970's

Erika Pignatti lecturing

Students in the back row: Gunnar Johansson, Kalle Cederblad


Kent Gustavsson, responsible for much of the practical work during the meeting:


On Saturday afternoon, Kevin Mulligan, University of Geneva, first gave a lecture on an ontological theme. (Kevin met Segelberg in the 80´s.) Then Jan Almäng talked about Segelberg's theory of internal time consciousness

Jan Almäng lecturing

Jan Almäng considering a question from the audience

Jan taking a question

Bo Dahlbom (Segelberg student in the 1970's), Ingvar Johansson and Christer Svennerlind chatting over coffee

More coffee

The last lecture was presented by Dick Haglund (University of Gothenburg) and concerned Ivar Segelberg's theory about the unity of mind

Dick Haglund lecturing

John Ericsson and Helge Malmgren in the first row

John and Helge

More Helge Malmgren


The Pignattis and Helge after the meeting – probably discussing a planned trip to Sardinia next spring...