The MMER project

Moral Motivation: Evidence and Relevance

The MMER project

MMER is a research project focusing on philosophical issues regarding moral motivation. We are investigating the conceptual and empirical connections between moral opinions an moral motivation, and their implications for moral semantics, moral psychology and the objectivity of morality.

The project runs from 2010 to 2012 and is based at the Department of Philosophy, Linguisticts and Theory of Science, University of Gothenburg.

MMER is financed by the Swedish Research Council and the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science.


May 18-20 2012. Conference: Moral Motivation: Evidence and Relevance

Continuous activities. The MMER research seminar meets about ten times each semester.

August 17-18 2011.
Workshop on The Relevance of Motivational Internalism

Invited speakers:
    Jon Tresan (Chapel Hill)
Michael Ridge (Edinburgh)
    Jimmy Lenman (Sheffield)  
    Nick Zangwill (Durham)

September 4th 2010. Workshop on Metaethics and Empirical Methods.

Presentations by:
    Shaun Nichols (Arizona)
    Antti Kauppinen (Dublin)
    Folke Tersman (Uppsala)
    Gunnar Björnsson
    (Linköping, Gothenburg)
    Ragnar Francén